One of the Protestant movements striving for the reformation of the Christian church. One of its characteristics was the rejection of the baptism of newborn children. A radical branch that adhered to social communism became notorious when, under the direction of Jan Matthijsz (d. 1535) and Jan Beuckelsz of Leiden (c. 1510–1536), it forcibly seized power in the German city of Munster (1534–1535), hoping to bring about the arrival of God’s kingdom on Earth. Their revolution ended in a violent and bloody defeat. Menno Simons (1496–1561) reorganized the remnants of Anabaptism into a peaceful fraternity. During the 18th and 19th centuries, several Anabaptist families, known as Mennonites (after Menno Simons), immigrated to Russia and North America.

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands. . 2012.

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